A Valentine to my Pancreas

Inspired by the Twitter Chat Thursday hosted by @SweeterCherise @DiabetesSocMed and all those who creatively and collaboratively (pan)created. Thank you, you un/romantic insulin addicts of the #DOC and #DSMA. I “heart” you all (and your wonky pancreases).

Pancreas, I love you more than my wisdom teeth. They are long gone, but you still serve some purposes.

I love you to the Islets of Langerhans and back. (Apparently very small islands and easily obliterated.)

Pancreas, I will pick you over Anthony Hopkins and his love of livers any day.

Pancreas, you and I go together like port and stilton … bloody (red), and bitter sweet, producing unpredictable outcomes, always needing a unit or two to set me straight, and always reminding me of the finer things in life (other than you).

Pancreas, I love you less than, every other functioning organ in my body and way less than my awesome insulin pump. Thank you @Animas

Pancreas, I hope you know that I think you’re really dead weight (except for those digestive enzymes you still kick out … thanks for those.)

Pancreas, just thinking about you makes me feel like a sucker for my own immune system and thankful for Drs. Banting and Best … go Canada!

Pancreas,when we hang out together, I wonder what my pump would be telling me.

Pancreas, I think FOR you at least 500 times a day. If it wasn’t for your amazing inabilities & my dull lancet.

Pancreas, I am lucky to have a molecular biology experiment like you. Your personal scientist forever, Meagan