Poetry Tuesday – #DBlogWeek – May 13, 2014

Thanks to Karen Graffeo of http://www.bittersweetdiabetes.com/ for organizing the DOC to blog en mass. Today’s post topic is dedicated to sharing our “poetic” licenses. I read my poem to a friend, and when completed, we both laughed and agreed I should keep my day job.

I lived for 7 years in Japan, before moving to China. Sashimi is so delicious and so easy on the blood sugar. This poem is dedicated to my favourite kind.

Otoro, melt in your mouth fatty belly tuna with a bite of wasabi. I savour it before drowning it with draft.
Otoro, my fatty belly with a sharp bite of the infusion set. The smell of alcohol fades and I wash it all down with a half unit to prime.
Kaiseki dishes mark the culinary map of my meal. Gummy tape residue marks the medical map of my belly.
Otoro, no carbs and all bliss.
Otoro, my fatty belly.

Melt in your mouth tuna belly aka otoro
Melt in your mouth fatty belly tuna aka Otoro
No otoro on the Medtronic model!

No Otoro on the Medtronic model!


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