Diabetes Awareness Month – Advocate

The Diabetes Month Photo-A-Day Project – November 5th is dedicated to the theme “Advocate”. And I have to share a bit about my dad for this one. He is a superhero when it comes to volunteering. It’s just part of his fabric. Not only has he contributed many years at the local chapter level of the Canadian Diabetes Association, he served with the Ontario Division and the National Division, and in one of his many roles he was the Advocacy Chair … drawing on his legal skills and his charm to convince the politicos to pay more attention to diabetes and the people who live with it. Since moving on from that part of his volunteer life, he has shared his talents and resources with the Kiwanis Club, the Hospital Board, the Waterloo Regional Cycling Advisory Committee and chaired the committee to organize the Cambridge Tour de Grand for 16 years (with more to come). In all of his roles he is advocating in multiple ways for a healthy community.

Me and Dad


Diabetes Awareness Month – Proud

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. There is a Photo-A-Day project afoot on the Twitterverse, and while I’m coming to it a bit late, I’ll do my best to contribute. November 4 theme is Proud. While I’m proud of all the wonderful people around me and feel reluctant to boast about myself … I am so flipping proud of my last HbA1c! Under 8% for the first time in many years. And for all of you non-D people out there who stumble across this blog … that requires serious effort. And for all of PWD in the 6-7% range … you are superheros, and one day I hope to join your ranks.PAVEY,MEAGAN HBA1C Oct 30, 2013