Tuna belly

Melt in your mouth tuna belly aka otoro

Melt in your mouth tuna belly aka otoro

Fatty belly tuna …. o-toro …. melt in your mouth. It’s the first thing I order when I have a layover at Narita. And if you go just for the sashimi, no carbs to count. (OK, the Ashahi that must accompany said o-toro has a few carbs in each glass.)

I’ve been thinking about belly fat in the last couple of days, as I retethered to my new Medtronic Paradigm Veo. Christmas in June with all of the boxes and packaging that was waiting for me after arriving home from the airport. Jet lag makes for a very productive middle-of-the-night hook up process. And here is what I’m supposed to look like when it’s all done …

No o-toro belly here!

No o-toro belly here! The Medtronic model

Gosh, if going on an insulin pump would make me look like this I’d be rolling up my shirt like all the men in China to show it off. Now, I understand that Medtronic needs to

Otoro belly, Chinese man style

Otoro belly, Chinese man style

market its product and my muffin-top middle is not going to draw in customers, but hopefully those of us will

ing to shell out the big investment on this cool gadget are doing it for more than the looks. Thankfully, producers of diabetes gadgets are now representing more than the perfect blood sugars on their pictures of monitors and CGMs.

Meanwhile, back on the pump and pilates for me!


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