Untethered in Hong Kong

Hong Kong touts itself as Asia’s World City … it really is … And here I am at HK Airport, the true crossroads of millions on the move, surrounded by more languages than I can count. Headed back to Canada from Guangzhou for a bit of family and friend bonding time, to bond with my medical team and to get my new Paradigm Veo insulin pump. My last pump lived a good long life, and like a cat had a couple of lives, each time resurrected by the humidity sucking power of a bag of rice.

It has been a wet spring in Southern China. And more than a few drops in a recent downpour found their way into my pump to cause it to kick the bucket for good. (Oh to moonlight as a biomedical engineer!)

Going "old school" and untethered

Going “old school” and untethered

Untethering has been a good learning experience. What have I learned?

  • Expired Lantus is better than no Lantus
  • When you are guessing how much Lantus and Humalog to take, be prepared to do lots of testing and adjusting (including throughout the night)  ’til you figure it out …. it’s been a while since I’ve been a human pin cushion!
  • Bolus, bolus, bolus …. I forgot how much a basal rate dripping into me let me nibble without crazy effects … not so when back on the shots!
  • Lantus (once you get it right) is kind of nice … steady Eddie … as long as you bolus, bolus, bolus
  • Stealth injections with needles and vials in public places are possible  … without pens on hand and being too lazy to find a public bathroom, I got good at drawing up insulin below the table in a restaurant or behind my purse in a taxi. (Haven’t been arrested yet!)
  • Not to panic when I wake up and don’t find my pump attached when I roll out of bed. Over 20 years on a pump is a lot of behavior conditioning.
  • Not knowing what happened overnight drives me crazy …. no pump meant no CGM data as well. (I’m one of those all in one girls, which is why I went Medtronic Paradigm).
  • Going back to basics is a good thing every once in a while. I probably should go untethered more frequently than every 20 years!

It has been a good three week experience, being untethered from my purple pump. But it has made me appreciate it all the more. The next work horse I will hook up to is also purple, but the Paradigm Veo has two new things I’m looking forward to … the low suspend feature and the Enlite sensors, hyped by the blogging data geeks as much more accurate than the last Medtronic generation of sensors.

It really is true, that you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. Looking forward to “reconnecting” tomorrow when I arrive home.


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